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Our Story

Myeventadvisor was was founded in 2018 out of the frustration of searching for a DJ. The attempt to plan an event and find all of the service providers needed was difficult. This frustration was the start to solving industry problems for event people no matter the type of event.
Event Planners, promoters and more can now be found in one place. Booked and Paid for the event. MEA solves so many issues within the ticketing and planning processes. 
There are approximately 1.8 million social events per year in the US. Most aren’t planned by professionals. Its whoever is available to handle the promotional event, christmas party, etc. MEA allows these persons to plan the event in confidence knowing that they are choosing the right providers, tracking suppliers, and communicating with their team the entire time. 
MEA will be the Go-To-App for event planning and more. #Jointhestory today.

How We can Help You with MEA

Events made easy is what we live by. Taking the complexities of event planning and organization and bringing them to your fingertips by swiping, clicking, and messaging. 

Less Frustration

Being properly organized will assist you with lowering your frustration. Keeping your event organized is key, and that’s MEA’s job.

Team Building/Meeting

Building the perfect team to make the event possible and more. Getting to know your providers based on their profiles, likes, comments, reviews and more. 


Find your local entertainment needs in minutes for your event. Search for artists and entertainers near you. Then get them booked for your event. It’s that simple…


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Events made Easy is what we live by. Taking the complexities of event planning and organization and bringing them to your fingertips by swiping, clicking, and messaging. 

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MEA offers you the ability to plan events or control your bookings. Get paid directly as an Artist, Venue or Service Provider.